internationales Kurzfilmfestival 3. - 7. April 2019 in Halle/Saale
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The Festival

Monstronale is an international shortfilm festival with three competitions (international competition, children film competition „Wild Worlds“, documentary film competition „Shortdocs“) and additional shortfilm programs with special themes.
Founded in 2013, the festival is growing bigger from year to year. Monstronale lays its focus on different shortfilms in matters of content and formal performance as well as the search for meaning in medial contexts and the absurdities in this world.

The idea behind the Monstronale is to create space for the bizarre and strange things in this world. Especially the cinematic examination of daily routines, rituals, pictures and conditions are in focus. The task is it to question those and to put them into new contexts.
For that, once a year Monstronale wants to provide a platform for artistic and cinematic work and to give the audience an opportunity to explore and understand exactly this artistry.
So to speak, Monstronale is a search for meaning in and beyond the ordinary, the bizarre and strange things and their different appearances. Although the name sounds like monsters, mummies and mutations you will experience the image of „monster“ as something aesthetic and artistic.
The Monstronale Festival takes place once a year. During that time, it will become a place of absurdity and artistic expression as well as the search for meaning and all monsters in this world.

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