The Monstronale

... is an independent film festival in Halle(Saale), Saxony-Anhalt. Particularly through its special focus and the corresponding side-programmes
... allows a broad audience access to the artistic, and in the more remote sense, to the “special” film.
… is a kind of search for a meaning beyond, or even with the ordinary, the bizarre and abstruse things and their different varieties and symptoms.
… Once a year, the Monstronale Festival becomes a venue of the absurd, of artistic expression, the search for meaning and the monsters of this world.

Monstronale - Childrens Festival

The world of children is filled with monsters: big once and small, plushy and scary, imagined, dreamed and real. Movies offer Tailes to laugh on and about monsters and can help to defeat them. We hope to sow the desire for cinema and movies besides wide spread aesthetics of Disney productions and - by the way - to place media competenc and the aibility of media criticism with

... a workshop with an animation film artist
... a childrens jury for Wild Worlds - elected pupils will decide
... Wild Creatures: with workshop films, also from our cooperation with Wilde Wesen Kurzfilmwochen, and valuable shorts for kids from 9 years
... Wild Worlds - the childrens film competition

Cooperation with Wilde Wesen - Kurzfilmwochen

In 2017 the International Shortfilm Festival Monstronale has a cooperation with Wilde Wesen - Kurzfilmwochen (Wild Creatures - Shorts Weeks). Children of 3rd and 4th grade set the sound of an anmimated film - attended by media pedagogues and students - new by recording own noices. In those workshops children playfully learn to handle with audio and film technology, basics of cinematic narration and productuion as well as the effects of movie sound and the efford which  making a film means. The produced films will be shown at the festival on big screen.

Monstronale 2017

that means a whole weekend packed with short films and the special kind of search for meaning. Young and old, look forward to our program...